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Albuquerque – Cheap, Fast and Delicious

Here are some of the places we ate in Albuquerque that won’t break the bank and were delicious.

El Molero Fajitas (Santa Fe)

This is a fajita food cart located in the Santa Fe Plaza.


They only had chicken the day we went.


The flavors were delicious and the nice thing is you can sit on one of the benches in the plaza and eat and people (or dog) watch.


You know you are in a chili obsessed place when they hang dried ones everywhere!


Dog House

Dog House is known for their chili and cheese dogs.


You can either park in the lot and wait for a server to come to your car, or you can go inside to order.  I went inside.


I ordered a chili cheese dog, corn dog, and tater tots.  The chili dog was delicious.  The chili had some nice heat to it.  The corn dog was ok, but next time, I would just stick to the chili dog.



Level 5 and Breakfast Room Service at the Chaco Hotel

On this trip, we stayed at the Chaco Hotel which I highly recommend.  They have a great modern but still New Mexican vibe, and the staff is great.  The only downside is there is no spa.  They have a rooftop bar called Level 5 which serves very good cocktails and has great sunset views.




For breakfast we ordered room service and what I liked about the menu was it wasn’t typical boring breakfast food.  They had some interesting items like this Pork Posole.  It was my first time trying this dish and I will definitely be making this at home.


Coda Bakery (Vietnamese)  

The name doesn’t indicate it, but this is a Vietnamese bakery.  The bahn mi was delicious.  I was not expecting something like this in ABQ.



We also had the crispy salad roll (which they call a spring roll).


There were a ton of things there I wanted to try, but was too full.  For example, look at this cabinet of fresh baked savory pastries!


Roma Bakery

At Roma, I had a croissant breakfast sandwich which they bake on site.  It was very good but obviously not the best croissant.  What I loved about this place was the service and the green chili sauce.  I poured it over each bite, and was the best chili sauce I had this whole trip (and EVERY restaurant in ABQ serves chili sauce).  The chili sauce had the perfect heat, some sort of herbs infused in it, and had good acidity.  This is a good place to go to grab breakfast in the downtown area.


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