High Noon – Chain Quality Food (this is not a good thing) in a Nice Setting

As mentioned in my previous post, it was difficult to find places to eat in Albuquerque, especially for dinner.  As you can tell from the featured image I chose for this post, I am not proud of the food pics from this place!

The restaurant itself is in the old town and the setting is quite nice in a Western, old town New Mexico kind of way.

Here was the menu:


We started with the tres amigo which is basically chips and cheese, salsa, and guac.  Nothing remarkable.


For main, I had the ribeye and my wife had the wagyu.



Both were over seasoned and over sauced.  The sauce was unnecessary.  It was some kind of teriyaki type sauce and ruined the steak.  This is the type of food I would expect at a large chain.  For dessert, we had the flan which was the only decent thing of the night.

20200229_203201 Overall, service was just average and food was chain quality.  At least with a chain, you know what you are getting into and they are not trying to be anything else.  I would not return nor recommend you to eat here.  4/10.

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