Lockhart Smokehouse – Prepare to Smell…in a good way

Lockhart Smokehouse has three locations in the Dallas area.  Meats are smoked over Texas oak and true to the name, you will come out smelling like smoke.  If you are a fan of BBQ, this is a positive thing.

You order at the counter and then bring everything back to your table.  We had brisket, ribs, sausage, coleslaw, baked beans and cherry cobbler.



By far the star of the meal was the brisket.  It was moister than at Meat U Anywhere (MUA), and the burnt ends were fantastic.  I liked the BBQ sauce here better.  The sides were also delicious.  The baked beans had large chunks of bacon.  I was not a fan of the ribs.  The sausage was good, but the jalapeno cheddar at MUA was better.  Overall, I preferred this place over MUA.  However, if you are in Dallas, you wouldn’t go wrong visiting either place.

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