Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse – What More Could You Want?

I was intrigued by Nick and Sam’s Instagram.  It looked like a fun place with good food.  Usually, food take precedence, but the pictures were compelling.  They are known for big colorful cakes and large cotton candy.  Upon arrival, the place was buzzing.

We had a short wait at the bar area and then we were seated.  The dining room was large, modern, and had a great party like atmosphere (actually the whole place had a party atmosphere).


We started off with some blue fin tuna.


Our server also brought out complimentary caviar.  Before you rush there for free caviar, its was not beluga but probably lumpfish.  It was still appreciated and it was something you do not see restaurants doing everyday.


For mains, we had the prime aged cowboy, Wagyu (don’t remember which variety but it was one of the Japanese), and a few sushi rolls.


Grill your own Wagyu

Yes, I know, the rolls were a mistake, but the steaks were on point.  The Elotes, which are already one of my top 10 favorite foods, were divine.  They had the right combination of acidity, umami, texture, seasoning etc etc etc.  I would come back, just for this alone.


For dessert, we had to have the rainbow cake and cotton candy.  Check out @nickandsams to see.



It was not all for show.  The cake was good.  Overall, I was still thinking about this place the next day and for a few days after.  Every time I am in Dallas, I will make a point to come here.  Its the whole experience.  The atmosphere, the crowd, the food, the service; everything just works.  If you are looking for a fun night out with good food to match, look no further.

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