Carbone – Yes, it was good

Carbone in the Aria in Las Vegas is owned by the same owners as the impossibly hard to book Carbone in New York City.

I am a bit skeptical about restaurants that are popular elsewhere and then come to Vegas.  Although I have never been to the one in NYC, the dinner I had at Carbone in Vegas WAS good.

The servers brought some bread, cold cuts, and pickled veggies to start.


We had a Gorgonzola and Balsamic salad to start.  The leaves were a but soggy but the flavor was very good.  Well balanced salad.


For our pasta course, we had the lobster ravioli and spicy vodka, which is a house specialty.  The spicy vodka was outstanding.  Pasta cooked well and the sauce was very delicious.  The lobster ravioli was ok.  Very strong lobster flavor, but something about the dish was not particularly appealing for me.  The spicy vodka though, I would get again.



For our mains, I had the Dover Piccata.  The MP was $110 that day.   It was deboned and plated tableside:


20200208_231006 The fish had a nice meaty texture.  The capers lent needed acidity to the brown butter sauce and everything just worked so well.  They also gave us three other side sauces.  The beurre blanc also went incredibly well with the fish.  My son had the lamb which was also prepared tableside.



The lamb was cooked to perfection and all meats are charcoal grilled.  I could taste a perfect amount of charcoal on the meat.  For dessert, a tiramisu, which was not traditional as they used Nutella.  It was just ok.


To finish, our server brought some complimentary Marzipan.


Overall, the service was very good, the atmosphere was good and the food was good.  This was a relief.  This is not a restaurant that is taking advantage of its name, charging high prices and not delivering.  On the contrary, Carbone in Las Vegas is a good restaurant on its own, and I will happily return again.  Its a great place for a date night, celebration, or anytime you just want some good Italian cooking.

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