David Chang’s Majordomo is Major Flavor

Majordomo is David Chang’s new restaurant in the Palazzo in Las Vegas (note:  some places online will tell you its in the Venetian, but its in the Palazzo).

Here is the menu:



The restaurant is big and modern, and its always a good sign to see meat aging on display:


We started with the cave-aged butter and caviar on bing bread.  We were told this was Chinese bread.  The butter is actually aged in the ground and had a very nice blue cheese taste to it.  The bread was soft, warm and fluffy.


The next dish we tried was the tuna kimbap.  The sauce really made this dish.  It had good acidity and sweetness which complemented the tuna.  The crunch was a nice touch also.   Ever since I came back from Korea, I have been eating kimbap everywhere I see it on the menu.  Its like the “fast food” of sushi.


Next, we had the uni spaghetti.  This was my least favorite dish.  The pasta was cooked well but I found the sauce to be too oily and not enough uni.  I would of preferred the uni incorporated into the sauce.  Flavor was not bad.  The best uni pasta I had was in Positano – at Chez Black.


Next was the prime rib.  It was cooked and smoked to perfection.  The bone with the crust was a nice touch.  There were a few areas for improvement:

1.I would of preferred a thicker jus.

2.The horseradish came two ways: fresh shaved at the table and in a ranch like sauce.  I would of preferred a stronger horseradish sauce (even the fresh shaved did not have a kick to it).

3. They had the carts like Lawrys but did not carve tableside.

The meat was absolutely delicious.  The creamed spinach was also very good.  The mashed potatoes were supposed to be “Robuchon Style” but did not have as smooth a buttery texture or buttery taste.  If you like the Robuchon mash, and want less guilt, I guess this is a better version.  I prefer the actual Robuchon version or the version at Bazaar Meat.


For dessert, we had the key lime pie.  This too was delicious.  Good textures and just the right amount of tartness and sweet.  The browned marshmallow on top was a nice touch.


Overall, service was excellent and the food was very good with lots of interesting choices and careful attention to detail.  I would come back and prefer this to Momofuku at the Cosmo.

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