Chez Black – Eat a UFO

Chez Black is a popular beachfront restaurant in Positano.  Our hotel made reservations for us, and when we arrived, it was very busy.  We were seated fairly quickly though.  The crowd is very good looking and its a great atmosphere there.  While dining, a group came by and played live music and sang.

I choose this restaurant based on their famous uni pasta (riccio di mare in Italy).  More on that later.  To start, we had a blue fin tuna tartare.  It was good, but just like everywhere I had it in Europe, I prefer the Japanese preparation.


Next, the star of the show.  The uni pasta.  It is served in these bowls which resemble an uni shell.  I read somewhere that the restaurant patented these.  Some say they look like UFOs.


Unlike the one I had in Capri at Il Riccio, this one did not disappoint.  It may of been the best uni pasta I’ve ever had.


The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the taste of the uni shined.  I asked the staff to bring us some fresh uni in a shell, but they said they only had a limited quantity and had to save it for the pasta.

Overall, the service was good.  The food was good.  The atmosphere was incredible.  I would recommend this place, and gladly come back for the uni pasta.  I heard they make a good pizza too, and for females, it will come shaped like a heart.  8.5/10

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