Il Riccio – The Michelin Inspector Must of Been Drunk

Il Riccio is a one Michelin starred restaurant in Anacapri on the Island of Capri in Italy.  Like most things in Capri, I found this place to be disappointing.

Lets start with the good, the place is beautiful.  Its set on the side of the island with seafront views.  End of review….


…joking aside, how this place got a Michelin star is a mystery to me.  Lets start with the reception.  We arrived on time, but for whatever reason, they had us down for double the number of people.  Whether this was the hotel concierge’s fault (who made the reservation for me) or the restaurant I will never know.  Anyway, it caused some big confusion and we had a drink at the bar while being sorted out.  It took 45 minutes to sort out.

When we were finally seated, we were served by a lady who did not seem to care too much that she was in the hospitality business.  OK.  We proceeded to order.  Once I ordered the hundreds of Euros a pound lobster she started to become nicer, but whatever.


They brought out some unremarkable amuse:


Then we started with a trio of tuna.  I do not know what it is with the Blue Fin tuna prep in Europe, but it is vastly inferior to Japaneses preparation.  This was no exception.  Very disappointing.


Next was their “signature” dish.  The uni pasta.  This is actually the dish that made me want to eat here in the first place.  Very underwhelming!  The sauce was watered down.  There was barely any uni flavor.


Lastly, we had the lobster – grilled.  This was not bad, but for hundreds of Euros, it should of been mind blowing.


We skipped dessert, but they do have a very instagramable dessert room.


When it was time to leave, there is further hassle in getting a taxi back to Capri.  You have to wait for your number, but have no idea how the numbers are allocated.  I would not recommend this place. 6/10

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