Anna Lena – 808 Picnic Plates

This was another one of Anna Lena’s monthly special tasting menu themed dinners.  While this was my least favorite of the ones I have attended, it was still very good and demonstrates why Anna Lena, in my opinion, is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver.

The combination of good service, high effort, high creativity,  strong culinary skill, and attention to detail, are a rarity in Vancouver restaurants.

Here was the menu:


The meal started with some spiked kool aid.  It was a nice touch, but nothing to write home about.


The meal started with veggies & dip which was delicious.


Followed by a trio of oysters including the restaurant’s signature with shave foie gras.


Next, a nice interpretation of a Caesar salad, and beautifully presented.


The meal continued with a trio of skewers which had nice grilled flavors.


…grilled corn…

20190806_215106.jpg …and a palate cleanser prior to the main courses.  The cleanser had an aroma that I did not like.  It reminded me a bit of the smell of the inside of a stale water bottle.  However, I note that the sticker placed on each bottle was an example of the type of attention to detail and effort this restaurant goes through.


Seafood boil with cornbread, very delicious (not pictured).  However, the broth was a little overseasoned.


Pork shortribs


For dessert, there was an ice cream truck parked at the front of the restaurant where diners went to pick up their smores.  Very unique.



Compared to the other dinners at Anna Lena, this one was my least favorite.  However, as mentioned above, the creativity, effort, service etc continue to be outstanding.  I will continue to go to these dinners when possible and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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