Mayfair Chippy – Fantastic Fish and Chips

The Mayfair Chippy is a great lunch spot for fish and chips.  They take reservations through Open Table so make sure you do that in advance.  I’m glad we did because we went at 2PM and there were a few groups waiting.

I had one piece cod and chips with curry gravy.  It came with tartar sauce and mushy peas too.


Fish – moist and very crispy, but not overly thick batter.  Fantastic color.

Chips – fantastic potato flavor

Tarta sauce – tasted more like ranch but still very good

Curry gravy – out of this world (my wife had the HP gravy which I did not like, it was runny and too acidic)

Mushy peas – I know its traditional here, but don’t get this

All in all, its a small excellent lunch spot to get fish and chips.  Service was prompt.  I would return.


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