Meat U Anywhere – First Texas BBQ

Meat U Anywhere is a a BBQ restaurant based in Dallas.  It was my first time in Dallas and first time having BBQ in Texas.  This is about their Grapevine location.

Upon arrival, I was immediately excited by the wood and smoke stacks which greeted us.


Inside, the place is clean, and as it was about 3PM, there was only one person in line ahead of us.


I knew I wanted two things: brisket (which is oak and hickory smoked at this place) and the jalapeno cheddar sausage.  We also ordered a creamed corn, received complimentary pickles, which you will need to cut all the fat, and a selection of BBQ sauces.  You can order the meats by whatever weight you want.  We got a half pound of each.


Service was excellent as, I would soon realize, almost every place we went to in Dallas.  people in Texas were very very polite and now I know where the term “Southern Hospitality and Gentleman” come from.

For the sauces, I don’t remember exactly the differences explained to me, but I liked the spicy one (bottom of picture and a more red/brown color) and the original.  The corn was ok, but the cream was more of something gelatinous.  The brisket was good but I had no basis for comparison.  Later in the trip, I would have others and can now say that this particular one was a bit drier, less crust, less tender and not as flavorful as others.   The jalapeno sausage was very good, and is what most people rave about in this place.  Even though this was not the best brisket of the trip, I was still VERY happy to be eating BBQ in Texas and would get this again if I was in the area.

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