Knife -Aging Room is Always a Good Sign

Knife is a steakhouse in Dallas, Texas.  The first thing that greets you when you walk in is their aging room:


The meal started with some crudite with what I believe was a green goddess sauce.  This was on the house.  The vegetables with cold, fresh and crisp, and the sauce was delicious.


The next two starters sounded good but were disappointing.  The first, was tuna and foie gras.  I have had this combination many times, and its usually a home run.  The best was at Au Pied de Couchon in Montreal.  Unfortunately, this one had what I believe was fish sauce added to it which was not only unnecessary, but also made the dish too salty.


The bone marrow and caviar also sounded better than it was.


On the other hand, the steaks, which is why you come, were delicious.  Starting with the aged ribeye:


…and filet:


Overall, this is a nice restaurant with a great atmosphere.  Not an old school steakhouse, but more modern.  I would stick to steaks and skip the starters.  Service was good too.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of dessert.

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