Georgie – Beautiful Room and Food to Match

A friend in Dallas wanted to go to Georgie.  A new restaurant by Curtis Stone.  Reviews online were mixed, and I am generally wary of “celebrity” chef restaurants.  I did some more research, saw that one of his places in California had a Michelin star and felt more at ease.

Upon arrival, the place was packed.  The bar was extremely busy.  The dining room is beautiful, pink velvet everywhere giving off a classic vibe.  We started off with some bar snacks.  Sausage rolls.  They tasted like sausage rolls.  They were probably the most average thing of the night.


Next, fish and chips.  Very delicious.  Moist and flavorful.  The fish was perfectly smoked.


The server brought some bread.  The bread is a New Zealand style bread and the butter was imported from NZ.  The bread has a delicious crust and nice chewy interior.  The butter was average.  My benchmark for butter is French butter.

20200131_215804 For starter, I had a king crab salad in a citrus bowl.  It was well balanced, perfect temperature, and delicious.  Great mix of textures also, not to mention it was beautifully presented.


For my main I had the venison.  The meat was perfectly cooked.  Well seasoned and tender.  The portions at Georgie were also perfect for me, while some might find them a bit small.


For dessert, carrot cake.


Overall, this is a great dining room, nice crowd, good service and excellent food.  I would return.  8.5/10

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