Nodaiwa -Japanese Food in Paris Improves Greatly

Although I love food from all over the world, I cannot go many days in a row without thinking of Asian food.  Sushi in Paris, Pho in Lyon, sure I’ve done that.  The first time I had sushi at a “high end” restaurant in Paris over 10 years ago, I thought it was horrible.  fast […]

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Good Sushi in Iceland? Kind of…

My preferred dinner time is late, 9PM, especially when travelling.  One particular day, we got back from sightseeing around 5PM, and decided to walk around and grab a snack.  We passed by a place called Sushi Social in Reykjavik.  The advertised a happy hour and I was curious so we went in. We sat at […]

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Grillmarket – Exotic Local Meats

Grillmarket (Grillmarkadurinn in Icelandic – sorry if I messed up the name, my keyboard does not have Icelandic characters) is a restaurant in Reykjavik that sources as much as possible from local farmers.  They use fire, smoke, logs and coal.  Here is a picture of the kitchen upstairs.  The restaurant has two floors, we sat […]

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