St. Lawrence – Sugar Shack (Cabane a Sucre) Dinner – Are you insane?

St. Lawrence is a restaurant in Vancouver that describes itself as “Classic French cuisine with Quebecois inspiration, St Lawrence is haute country cooking at its finest”. This dinner was inspired by Quebec’s Sugar Shacks.  From my understanding, these are places that are very traditional to Quebec where maple syrup is processed and families gather for large meals.  […]

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Taiwan – Street Food Heaven

Having been to a few places in Asia known for street food like Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Tokyo, I would have to say that for me, Taipei is probably tops.  Tokyo gives it a run for the money, but I would say I enjoyed eating in Taipei slightly, just slightly more than Tokyo. Here […]

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Shobosho – What a Surprise

While dining at Kazuki’s in Melbourne, we mentioned to our server that we would be heading to Adelaide and she told us to check out Shobosho. I was skeptical for two reasons: 1.  “fancy” Asian food is always hard to do well (think of a good bowl of Pho – cheap and perfect already that […]

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