Dromoland – Irish Castle 1 – Day 2 – Activities

I started Day 2 at Dromoland with some gym time. The gym is about a 10 minute walk from the main building. From my experience, hotel gyms in Ireland were annoying because they were either non-existent, open only during certain hours (with some opening late in the morning), or had poor equipment. The gym at Dromoland opened at 7am and the equipment was decent.

The walk to the gym was nice because of the castle grounds:

After the gym, I went for breakfast and then tried a seaweed bath with the seaweed provided by the hotel. Apparently, this is a very Irish thing to do.

After the bath, we did some kayaking in the lake. Although it was raining, it was nice to be out on the lake, and looking back at the castle.

After kayaking, we did some clay shooting.

…and then decided to do tea time…

In the afternoon, we did a horse carriage tour of the grounds.

For dinner, we ate at the Earl of Thomond. Here was the menu and a look at the dining room:

The dining room was gorgeous but the dress code was not enforced which was too bad. In general, I found that the guests at the hotel were rowdy and the hotel did not do much to calm them down. I love to party too, but there is always a right time and place. The meal started with an amuse:

The the foie gras to start:

Followed by chicken and the filet:

We had some ice cream for dessert:

The food was not particularly memorable which is basically the theme of my meals at Dromoland. Their food program needs to be improved significantly to match the grandness of the castle and near perfect accommodations.

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