Aniar – Solid Tasting Menu with Very Few Fails

Aniar is a one Michelin star restaurant located in Galway, Ireland. Upon arrival, the restaurant was not ready for us so we had a drink at the wine bar across the street. When they were finally ready for us, I spotted somethings that are always signs of a good restaurant – cookbooks and things fermenting in jars:

The tasting menu was extensive. The dishes were flavorful and beautifully presented. There were very few flaws. In fact, reviewing my notes, I only see one “fish carpaccio too acidic”.

One really nice thing they did for us at the end of the meal, was let us sample some of the infused liquor they had; made with scraps or things most other restaurants would normally throw away. For example:

Overall, service was good and the food was good with very few misses. Each dish was beautifully plated.

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