Irish Castle 1 – Day 1 – Dromoland

Ireland has an abundance of castles. They are majestic and set amongst various beautiful landscapes. Naturally, I want to stay at a few during my trip there. The first one was Dromoland. We pulled up to the castle:

…and went to the lobby to check in.

We were then shown to our room and I was blown away by what was to come…

We were assigned this room:

…and every detail was amazing. It was large, spotless, and beautifully decorated. There were some issues with the bathroom lights flickering but that was a minor issue. We then headed to the cocktail bar for a drink and snack, and this was where we had our first encounter with the food and beverage aspect of the castle. If the room was a 9.99999 out of 10, the F&B would be a 6. It needs a lot of improvement. The bar itself is gorgeous.

However, service is inattentive, and the food was below average. We ordered a seafood platter and this is what was served:

Poor presentation, poor cooking and they forgot the oysters that were listed on the menu as coming with the platter. We had to ask for them. After the meal, we walked around to explore the property more. Here is a video which shows the lake in the front.

We had dinner off the property, returned to the hotel for a night cap, and then asked the staff to light our fireplace.

Given the gorgeous setting we were in, I was very excited for day 2 at Dromoland…

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