Another Michelin Starred Korean Meal

Oiji Mi is a one Michelin Starred restaurant in NYC. Korea was one of my favorite food destinations. When people ask me what my favorite country I have visited is, or which is my favorite cuisine, Korea ranks high on that list. Lets see how this place is. Here was the menu for the evening.

The amuse

For my second course, I chose the the bo ssam for 2. Although the pork was cooked well and the oysters were fresh, I did not enjoy them wrapped together which was what the chef intended.

For the next course, lobster “ramyun”.

Then the wagyu.

and bingsu for dessert

Overall the service was good and the food was good. The problem with this place is that nothing stood out as particularly amazing. Yes, the products were top notch and the cooking was done technically correct, but was it an improvement over standard Korean food which is already a high bar to surpass? I would say no. I still had a great meal, but would not be back.

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