A Good Neighborhood Omakase

On a recent trip to NYC, I tried the omakase at Sushi Ryusei. Its started with an amuse.

Then snapper


snow crab


cod egg



uni and ikura

clam miso

ebi and caviar with the fried shrimp head

ice fish with shiso


seared barracuda

uni (Hokkaido)

aburi toro


For dessert, we ordered green tea ice cream

Overall, service was good and the sushi was pretty good but not at the level of Michelin starred places I have been to in NYC. The rice was a bit under-seasoned and mushy. Its a good neighborhood option, but it would not be my first choice for sushi in NYC.

1 thought on “A Good Neighborhood Omakase”

  1. toro nigiri looks proper with lean sections collapsing on top of each other as the fatty sections soften on the warm rice. cod egg looks interesting! uni ikura – was that salty?

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