Pizza Arte NYC

Walking around NYC on a freezing afternoon in February, and feeling hungry, I quickly looked up some pizza places near me and found Pizza Arte. We sat at the bar beside the pizza maker and oven:

We started with a Margherita pizza which was pretty good:

…and an Amatriciana pasta. Falling in love with this pasta in Rome over Christmas, I wanted to compare a North American version.

Verdict: No comparison. The sauce at Pizza Arte was off and not as flavorful as in Rome. The pasta was cooked past al dente as well. Overall, service was good and the pizza was good. Its more of a neighborhood place than a destination, and if you are in the area, I would recommend for pizza but skip the pasta.

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  1. too bad pasta was a let down. seems that American-Italian chefs have perfected the pizza in North America but pasta still only well done by a few places. thanks as well for taking the hit for us and taking a chance on a dish – with your current health goals, eating the whole portion of sub-par pasta is a waste of good calorie allowance. I hope you did not force yourself to eat it all!

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