Passion is always necessary for success; another good meal in Marrakech, Morocco

Passion is a necessary condition for success in any venture. With food, even more so. For one of our lunches in Marrakech, I discovered a place called Angsana Si Said. What drew me to the place were the high reviews, and obvious passion they had for their food. It came through on the website as they focused a lot on their suppliers. The restaurant is situated in the courtyard of a beautiful Riad by the same name.

Just look at this gorgeous seating area:

The meal started with some bread. As I mentioned in my previous post, the bread in Morocco was delicious pretty much everywhere, this may of been the best one. Perfect crust and moist and soft interior.

For our mains, we had the typical tajines and something new which was called a pastilla. Its basically seasoned chicken in between phyllo dough. The chicken seasoning has some unique flavors including cinnamon.

We also had a few of the desserts. The mango ice cream was particularly good, and I would say the sweetness of the mangoes I had in Morocco was almost comparable to that of the Philippines!

Overall service was good , but the food was a bit slow to come out. However, the restaurant is very passionate about its products and will proudly tell you about the ice cream being home made, and using quality ingredients. One thing to note if you book online, they will send you an email but that is not a confirmation of the reservation. Since I made a same day RSVP for lunch online, I asked my assistant to call to confirm the reservation and she was able to do so via Whatsapp. So its best to call to confirm (or send a Whatsapp message) or just call to book if you dont have time to wait for the confirmation.

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