The Best Food I had in Morocco

I was excited to try two things in Morocco: a tajine dish and mint tea. A tajine is a unique cooking vessel found in this part of the world:

Our first dinner in Morocco was also the best. This was at Le Bistro Arabe. It is located off the main square and was a bit hard to find. I found that Google Maps was not entirely accurate in navigating the intricate areas of Marrakech. It did bring us to the general area and then some friendly locals guided us to the exact location. I found this to be the case a few times in Morocco where locals will help you find a location and then you just tip them for the help. The setting of the restaurant was beautiful with an outdoor pool, live music, palm tress and being seated in the middle of a courtyard.

We started off with some Moroccan wine which I was excited to try. It was drinkable but I would not get it again.

The kitchen also sent out an amuse.

…and then the main courses:

The chef’s signature dish was the one in the blue bowl – “pulled beef” with truffle. It was a delicious. We also had a chicken and lemon tajine as well as a lamb one and both were really good and full of flavor. On the side we had vegetable cous cous which was the perfect pairing with the tajines.

Next, dessert:

…and of course, mint tea:

I learned that the tea ritual is meant to honor the guest and aerate the tea and give the top a froth. Note that if you don’t want sugar, you should specify that when you order. Overall, service was good and the food was really good. The atmosphere was really good too and I would go back here. The only downfall of having such a great meal on our first day in Morocco was that no other meal lived up to this level (and, the dishes are basically the same at all the restaurants we went to, some form of tagine, but not as good as Le Bistro Arabe).

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