Dar Zellij – Beautiful Roof, Great Service, Meh Food

Dar Zellij is a highly rated restaurant in Marrakech. Upon arrival, we were given the option to start with a drink on the roof. If you ever eat here, and are given that option, you should definitely take it. There is a Moroccan tent on the roof and its just gorgeous.

After our drinks, we headed downstairs for dinner. The tent and service were the highlights of the night. I think the atmosphere was pretty good too. The food was just ok however. We started with Moroccan spring rolls or biouat. They can be found on most menus and are delicious, but what fried food isnt?!!

This was followed by a chicken tajine. It was ok, but the one at Bistro Arabe was the best of the trip.

…and finally, dessert, and of course, mint tea which we pretty much ordered after every meal.

Overall, the tent and service were the best parts of the meal. The service was fantastic. The food was just ok. I would only go back for drinks in the rooftop tent.

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