The benefit of back to back Michelin Meals

Angler is a one Michelin Star restaurant based in London. We ate here at the end of a month long trip in Europe which included a number of Michelin starred meals, the most recent being the spectacular Speisemeisterei in Stuttgart. The benefit of such back to back meals is I find I am able to have benchmarks with which to compare each dinner (the downside is tasting menu fatigue). This brings us back to Angler which although one star less than Speisemeisterei, would nevertheless have big shoes to fill.

Here was the menu for the evening.

Overall, the meal was just ok. The dishes, while beautifully presented, lacked a wow factor. There were also issues like the citrus in the lobster ravioli overpowering the lobster. Service was not overly great nor poor, but again, there were issues like the slow timing of wine pairings being served. I think on its own, it would be a good restaurant, but we live in a global world with global competition, and against back to back Michelin meals, I would not return to Angler.

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