One of my best meals of 2022

Speisemeisterei is a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany, and it was one of my most memorable meals of 2022. The location was a bit odd. It is located about 20 minutes by car from the city center, but it was a dark and rainy night when we went. On top of that, it is located in what seemed like the countryside. As pulled up to the venue, we had no idea where we were, or if we were even in the right place. There were buildings and nothing else around you for miles. It seemed like we were surrounded by forest too! We headed towards one of the buildings and were relieved to be in the right place.

If the outside was dark and stormy, the inside was like stepping into a fairy tale. It was a gorgeous dining room (there seemed to be a main room and an secondary room, we were seated in the latter).

It was like being in a castle, and we were as we would later learn. The whole building used to be a castle, and then became a university. Where the restaurant is located was the cafeteria I believe and now was this beautiful 2 star restaurant. Here was the menu for the evening. I had the wine pairing and my wife had the non-alcoholic pairing which included a bunch of interesting German ciders. Some of the dishes incorporated Asian elements; this was done well with the Asian ingredients lightly complimenting and enhancing the dishes as opposed to trying to be “fusion”.

The entire meal was spectacular. The plating was beautiful and refined. Not overly trying too hard. The sauces were INCREDIBLE.

beautiful plating and setting

Overall, the food and service was almost perfect. One of my best meals of 2022. I don’t often feel like returning to many tasting menu, Michelin starred restaurant, but I would come back here when in Stuttgart. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Before leaving, I took a pic of one of the buildings, which was also beautiful. By the way, the name of the restaurant means “food master” in English; and I can confirm, its an appropriate name for the place.

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