Blue fin tuna overdose; its no joke!

Can you have too much of a good thing? I found out the hard way after a recent dinner at Shigotonin in Las Vegas. A friend forwarded me a social media post about this place and its blue fin tuna, so I had to check it out. We were seated promptly and the chef quickly came over with the day’s fresh sheet and proudly explained everything to us. I was not prepared for what was to come!

We started with the 4 kinds of blue fin sashimi. I prefer nigiri over sashimi but my wife wanted to try this so we ordered it. What arrived was the largest and fattiest serving of blue fin tuna I have ever experienced! In this case, less is more. The cuts were simply too big and too fatty to be enjoyable. The first bite was good, the 5th bite was a struggle. To give you an analogy, I like Wagyu beef, but if you eat a 20oz portion of it, it will be too much due to the amount of fat. This was a similar case here.

Next, the temaki. I was glad there was some rice and seaweed, but again, the blue fin portion was just overkill.

Next, the uni and Ikura pasta. This was really good and we were able to finish it all.

Lastly, the o-toro sakura box. It came with the same massive pieces of toro as in the sashimi dish and I would of preferred they diced it up. In any case, I diced it up and mixed everything as best I could. I also add some soy and 2 kinds of wasabi provided. Every bite was delicious, but I could only go for a couple of spoonfulls. I was blue finned out.

Overall, service was really good and the food quality was high. I would return to try other things but I would ask first about the portions and only order one blue fin dish. I felt bad leaving so much awesome product behind on my plate, but I had a flight that evening and could not take it to go. Later that evening, and the next day, I literally felt sick from all the fat and blue fin consumed. I would still go back though, but I don’t think I can eat blue fin tuna for a couple weeks or months. Recently, I saw a picture of o-toro on instagram and it made me feel sick again…

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  1. don’t worry about the overdose. while I agree that too much fatty tuna is possible in one sitting, I assure you that you will miss the fatty decadence by tomorrow. your tongue will yearn it, now that you know it. at least you walked away knowing you maxed out, that is the way I see it. and no one I know of cuts like that, so at least you tried and now you know you prefer standard cuts

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