Stealing Bicycles and Stomachs

On my first ever trip to Atlantic Canada, I knew I wanted seafood! I spent a long time doing research and asking locals for advice. One thing I really wanted was a good lobster. The problem was that all the restaurants that served fresh lobster had mixed reviews. I found that odd for a province that was known for its lobster. Locals were not much help either. All of the ones I asked said they eat lobster at home so they had no idea which restaurants were good. I had to rely on my usual research which I will do a separate post about and show you how to lower the chances of having a disappointing meal and increase the chances of having an amazing one!

For our first meal, I also needed a place that was open late as we arrived in the evening. My research consistently pointed me to Bicycle Thief and they had a 10:30PM reservation. Perfect!

We started off with Eastcoast oysters which were delicious!

Our server also brought over some bread.

We also had some local scallops which were PERFECTLY seared!

…and for our mains we had the lobster risotto and crab ravioli with shrimp. Both we delicious!

For dessert, butterscotch caramel cake. It reminded me of sticky toffee. It was so good too.

Overall, service was good and the food was fantastic. This was a great first meal in Nova Scotia, and I would gladly return to this restaurant. They deserve all the positive recommendations. By the way, the restaurant is named after an old film which the owner likes….

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