Chef’s Choice but not Mine

A neighbor recently recommended me to check out Chef’s Choice, a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. Right from the start, the service was off. We started with the Chinese Donut “Shrimp Toast” which was pretty good:

..and then the “surf and turf”. Starting with snow crab cooked in egg which was also good, but the service continued to be an issue. They did not show us the live crab before cooking it, this is an important step in a Chinese restaurant.

The turf portion of the meal was disappointing. Duck cooked over charcoal. I could not taste the charcoal and the duck was really dry and small. There are better places, for less $, to get BBQ duck in the city.

We also ordered some additional items like fried rice but I stopped taking pictures as the meal was just average overall. A dessert we ordered took a really long time to come. I think they forgot to put it in. Overall, certain dishes were good, but this was offset by the ones which weren’t AND the poor service. For a completely different experience, I recommend you to go to Dynasty. This is the best Chinese restaurant I have experienced so far. The food is amazing and so is the service. In fact, I was there last night and was sad when I realized I was too full to eat more! Its THAT good.

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