My predictions for Michelin Stars in Vancouver

As you may of heard, the Michelin guide is finally coming to Vancouver. Here are my predictions for who will get a star(s):

One or Two Stars (unfortunately, I don’t think any restaurant in the city is worthy of three stars)

Anna Lena – Of all the restaurants in the city, this is the one I am most confident will get a star. Their cooking is creative, consistent and delicious. The torn bread is incredible.

Published on Main – This is another one I am fairly confident in. Their tasting menu is one of closest you can come to getting an experience previously only found in the world’s great culinary capitals (NYC, Paris etc).

Baan Lao – They have all the necessary ingredients to get a star.


The following are other restaurants I believe have a good chance of getting, or should get a star. Note that a lot of the great food in the city is ethnic so I don’t know how well the guide will reflect that.


Sushi Tetsu

Savio Volpe

St. Lawrence

Kissa Tanto

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