This confirms what people say

Many people will tell you that Vancouver has some of the best Asian food outside of Asia, and maybe even compared to Asia. Going to a place like Kin Ramen in NYC adds credibility to this assertion. Here’s why: Kin Ramen is very highly rated; 4.7 on Google from 130 reviews. It should be mind blowing and amazing.

Here was the menu:

I ordered the Kin.

The noodles were cooked well but I like thicker ramen noodles to hold onto more broth. The pork had a nice charred flavor to it, but it was not soft fall apart melt-in-your-mouth. It was a bit dry. The main event, the broth, was good, but not amazing. It lacked depth and I craved more umami.

Overall, service was good and the ramen was good. However, for such a high rating, it should of been mind blowing. When I compare this to my favorite ramen places in Vancouver like Danbo or Santouka, its not even close. For comparison, Danbo has a 4.6 rating and Santouka is 4.5. I would go back to Kin if I was in the neighborhood or in a rush, maybe. But this would not be 4.7 in Vancouver.

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