Two amazing but unexpected things will happen to you if you eat here

Saga is a newly (less than one year at the time of writing) opened tasting menu restaurant located 63 floors above Manhattan in the financial district. Two unique and unexpected experiences will be presented to you when you dine here (as of June 2022). I won’t spoil them for you here, because I believe these are better experienced as a nice surprise. Anyway, check in is in the art deco lobby:

…and then your will be sent up to the 63rd floor. Upon exiting the elevator, surprise experience #1 will start. Once that is over, you will be shown to your table where the dinner will start. The dining room we sat in was amazing with views of Manhattan surrounding us from every window. The only choice you will have to make is on the main course. The meal starts with some amuse bouche:

…including fluke prepared various ways…

The presentation was gorgeous and the food was delicious. A lot of the dishes had Asian influences but I would not call this fusion and it was incorporated well. For example, shiso and mushroom XO were incorporated into the above.

I would call this a cloud of caviar and it was divine (with brown butter and bonito).

I was excited that they incorporated gnocco fritto into the meal and it was well executed with various Spring vegetables.

Hamachi collar laksa….

…and the mains, lamb with Korean spices.

From the pic above you will get a sense of the beautiful views in the dining room. The buns above were stuffed with meat. After the main course, you will have surprise experience #2.

After the experience, its time for dessert (chocolate and strawberry) and some candies.

Overall, this was an amazing experience. From the surprises to the venue to the service to the food, everything was on point. I would highly recommend you to experience it for yourself, especially before they get a Michelin star or two (as of the time of writing, the restaurant was new so they don’t have stars yet but I would be surprised if they did not get 1 or 2 in the next announcement); at that point, the price will probably go up and booking will be harder.

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