Dior Cafe Miami – Does Being Great at Fashion = Food?

On a recent visit to Miami, our local store set up a reservation for us to try the Dior Cafe (disclosure: our entire meal was paid for by the local Dior store). Apparently, there is high demand to get a table. Is it worth it? Here was my experience.

Upon arrival, the hostess did not have our reservation. We were informed that they don’t actually take reservations unless it is arranged by a rep at a store. Anyway, we were put on the waiting list and our local rep tried to sort everything out. Eventually we were seated.

The cafe is located on the roof top of the store in the Design District. The place is set up for Instagram with a large Dior sign near the back.

The chairs are reminiscent of those you would find at a Parisienne cafe. Service was so so and not what I would expect from such a well known brand that pays a lot of attention to detail in their fashion products. We had burrata and tuna tartare to start.

The burrata was ok. I did think that the heart shaped bread was a nice touch. The tuna was not good. I felt it was not fresh. In contrast, the pasta was good. Cooked well. We had both the duck and truffle. Both were good.

It turns out the lady who runs the cafe is Italian and so it makes sense that the pasta was very good. The gelato dessert was also very good.

Overall, unless you are a big fan of Dior, I would say that it is not worth the visit. If you are a big fan, it might be worth ONE visit. Since they don’t take reservations and you can get good Italian food at so many other places, I’m not sure its worth the wait. The service is not that great either. I think brands take a huge risk by doing something like this because a bad experience can affect the core business.

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