Mila – Good food and nice venue, what could possibly go wrong?

Mila is a restaurant and rooftop bar located in South Beach Miami. The food is a fusion of Asian and Mediterranean like so many trendy places in Miami. The vibe is dark and sexy. There is an indoor and outdoor space. The outdoor has numerous ponds spread out on a rooftop with a bar and dining areas. Music and a buzz can be heard and felt throughout. There are fire dancers who come out on occasion. Mila is a good spot for a drink. I had been 2 times before, but never to eat, until now. Here’s how it went:

We started with the wagyu gyozas. The “pasta” (ie wrapper) was cooked well and the flavor was OK. As readers of this blog know, I never mention prices unless they are out of whack or a bargain. In this case, for $29, I dont think the dish is worth it:

Next was the five spice chicken karaage which was pretty good:

Up next was THE best dish of the night and possibly, top 20 things I have eaten – ever! Truffle cream spaghetti, parm, chives and shaved truffle. The flavor, seasoning and cooking of the pasta was perfect. Heavenly delicious.

After this came the sushi. Foie and toro. Obviously an amazing combo and expensive, but was it worth $38 for 2 piece? No. I have had better. Next, uni and caviar – $75 for 2. Also not worth it. These 4 items are some of my favorite ingredients in the world. I will pay up for them if the flavors are mind blowing. Unfortunately, these were not. We also had a blue fin toro wagyu maki which was not memorable.

Lastly, we had a risotto which was pretty good.

…and some dessert

We also had a bottle of sake which was about $400 I believe. The bill came to about $1k. So here is what I thought about Mila:

  1. Service was good
  2. Staff was knowledgeable about the food and drink
  3. The atmosphere is very good
  4. its a good spot for drinks
  5. Some of the food is ok. I would skip the sushi though. There are better spots for sushi from a “real” sushi restaurant. Two in Miami I really like are Omakai and Nossa.

Would I return? Yes. For drinks and food other than sushi.

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