My first love

Lawry’s is what introduced me to the pleasures of the prime rib dinner and its still my benchmark for the meal, even though I’ve had lots of it in London. I’ve been going to Lawry’s for over 10 years and then stopped for a few years. Its located off the strip so its not always on my list on short trips to Vegas which are most trips to Vegas.

However, on a recent trip to Vegas, I decided to revisit it. While not as amazing as I remember its still very good. If the past was a 10, its probably like an 8 or 9 now. Your meal will start with the spinning bowl salad. The plate was chilled and they used to also give you a chilled salad fork, but they did not do this on this occasion. The salad is prepared tableside and I believe its some sort of thousand island dressing. There are slices of beets in the salad and I remember this being one of the first times I actually gained an appreciation for beets. The croutons are well seasoned and buttery.

Next, they will bring a massive steel cart to the table where a “master carver” will prepare your dinner tableside. You will get to choose your thickness, temperature and sides.

Here are the components of the plate:

  1. The prime rib – I recommend you slather in the horseradish (two kinds – creamed and normal), gravy and a bit of Lawry’s seasoning salt
  2. The Yorkshire pudding – flaky, soft and buttery (I believe cooked with the meat drippings) – perfect for dipping in the gravy
  3. Mashed potato – with gravy of course
  4. Side of creamed corn (extra but worth it)

The service is always good, and the food is consistently good. I would put it on my list of must visit in Vegas (and it has been for years!).

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  1. I believe in evolving menus and creative twists but I also really like going to a place where I will get exactly what I got 10 years ago, especially so if it is good. Cheers to consistency!

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