Riley’s Fish and Steak – New From Glowbal

Glowbal owns a few restaurants throughout Vancouver. The original Glowbal location in the Yaletown district of Vancouver was iconic. I was a big fan. The new location, not so much. Just last week (May 6, 2022), they open another restaurant – Riley’s Fish and Steak. We had other dinner plans that day, but as we walked by pleasantly surprised at seeing a new restaurant in our neighborhood, and being into food, we were naturally curious. The outside looked nice and modern.

We decided to cancel our dinner plans to check it out. As we walked in and started speaking to the hostess, we learned it was part of Glowbal. I had mixed feelings but decided to try it anyway. They clearly invested a lot into the space. We sat near the bar and there was also a semi enclosed patio on our other side.

We were promptly greeted by our server which is always a good sign. We started with a couple of cocktails and they were pretty good. Not overly sweet. The GM and bar manager came by to introduce themselves, check in, and tell us a bit about the restaurant which is always nice. We started with the king crab legs which were fresh, and delicious.

We also had the caviar and smoked salmon potato rosti. The potato was well seasoned and crisp and went well with the seafood.

We also had a side of truffle fries and crispy brussels sprouts. The fries were crisp and had a nice truffle flavor. The sprouts were ok, but I would of preferred them crisp from charring instead of battered. We also had a baked Alaska for dessert.

Overall, I think the service was good. Our server came often to check on us. The food was pretty good as were the drinks. The atmosphere and interior were modern and elegant. There was an upbeat vibe in the dining room. Its also a good addition to the area as there are a lack of dining options within walking distance from this part of Vancouver. I will be back to try their other items. I am particularly curious about the steak. Their sister restaurant (Black & Blue) is a “steakhouse” but they can never get my desired temperature (med rare) right when I have gone in the past. On the other hand, they have Coast which does decent seafood. Hopefully, Riley’s gets it right in the steak department. So far so good on the seafood.

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