Nossa Omakase – I Won’t Ruin it For You by Doing a Full Review

There are some places that provide a flawless experience and amazing food throughout the entire evening. So well executed that I still think about it the next day, and in this case, weeks after. Nossa Omakase is one such place. Actually, the experience starts even before you set foot in the restaurant. If I told you more, I would ruin it for you. Therefore, I highly recommend that if you are in Miami, and craving some good sushi (with a Latin influence), have a few hours to spare on an experience, and want to be blown away, just make a reservation.

A lot of places do fusion and use smoke and various other forms of culinary showmanship; it usually comes across as trying too hard, or poorly executed. Not here. Everything is well done. There are a ton of videos and other pics I could post for this review along with a description, but that would ruin the experience for you. Instead, I will leave you with these pics and a few videos that should entice you enough to eat here.

Have you made a reservation yet? I have been many places around the world to eat. This experience is one of a kind. 10/10

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