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This New Restaurant in London Deserves its Near Perfect Google Rating

The Pem is a new restaurant located inside the Conrad hotel in London. The chef came from the Harwood Arms, the only Michelin rated pub. I had a chance to try the Sunday roast from Harwood which was delicious, and so, I was excited to see what the chef had in store at the Pem. First off, the decor is beautiful. Lots of nice pinks with a luxurious feel to the room.

Here was the menu for the evening:

The meal started with an amuse. The tart was delicious and complex. The shrimp, not so much.

The bread was very well done. Good crust, warm temperature, and a soft interior. It came with some delicious garlic butter.

I started with the crab which I found to be good but not amazing. The taste of curry was too light though the dish had good acidity.

My main was where the place really shined. The roasted John Dory was perfectly cooked and incredibly meaty. The skin had perfect crunch. The caviar and sauce (a hollandaise with sherry reduction) was amazing and added to the luxuriousness of the dish. The vegetables were dressed lightly but perfectly. Very very good dish.

The desserts were just ok. We ordered the fig. They also brought some chocolate to end the meal.

Overall, the service was excellent. The dining room is gorgeous and the food is good. Given the strength of the main course, I would be excited to come back and try other things on the menu.

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