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What Does a French Dinner with a Greek Twist Look Like?

Palais Royal is a One Michelin Starred restaurant located in a beautiful setting along the Palais Royal Gardens. It is evident that a lot of attention to detail went into the interior design (for example, the beautiful textured walls). Walking up to the restaurant, and depending where you sit, you will be treated to long hallway vistas.

When we arrived, we were informed that it was too late to order the tasting menu so we went with a la carte. They meal was still in a tasting format due to all the extra amuse that were presented starting with “oeuf – egg”. An extremely crispy shell and with a lusciously creamy egg yolk center. Very delicious. (note in the photo the green herbs which were fresh oregano, but no one told us what they were for until the end of the meal – they can be added to olive oil for dipping bread in).

Next, a beet salad that was OK but a bit salty as were many of the other amuse. There is a lot of Greek influence in the food as the chef is originally from Greece.

Herb Tart
on the right, brioche, but lacked brioche texture; on the left, creamy and savory but also salty

After the amuses, the server brought out some bread and olive oil from the chef’s friend’s farm.

Next, some perfectly cooked prawns from Brittany, France. The texture was fresh and almost jellylike as opposed to meaty.

For main I had the lobster which was also perfectly cooked. They were roasted in corn husk and presented tableside before plating.

The restaurant also presented the lobster claw tempura style. The batter was on point and very good.

Before dessert we were presented with a palate cleanser.

..and then the rum baba. It was not traditional like I expected, and I would not order this again.

To finish, some Greek yogurt and loukoumades which were good, but I was stuffed by this point in the meal.

Overall, the service was good and the food was good also. I would skip dessert and just have the ones brought out. The amuse was a little salty also. Other than that, if you are looking for some French fine dining with some Greek influence, this would be a good choice.

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  1. I hope those loukomades were wrapped in edible gold foil. While a traditional post meal treat, it is usually given for free in Greece at the end of the meal. A skillful take on baklava may have been more appropriate for a fine dining sesh….would be a nice option to have a 100% amuse menu

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