French Polynesia – Day 7 – Most Ridiculous Meal Ever

Day 7 in French Polynesia began with breakfast which became a front row seat to a Polynesian beach wedding.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the free water sports the St Regis Bora Bora had to offer, starting with water bikes.

Followed by a taking a sail.

..and then some lunch accompanied by a sample of some local rum.

There is only one place to have lunch on the resort (other than room service) and the menu got boring fairly quickly. Prices are incredibly expensive which was expected. For example, a club sandwich is U$40.

Before dinner, we hung out at the adults only pool which had just re-opened today, after being closed for rennovations.

For dinner, we went to the Japanese restaurant. This is where I will give my thoughts on the food on resort in FP. The food ranges in quality from below average to fairly good. However, everything is over the top expensive. As regular readers of this blog know, I am willing to pay for good food. However, the prices at this resort take things to a whole new level. Here was the menu from the Japanese place.

U$19.50 for Edamame Beans and U$14.50 for miso soup!
$40 for a fusion roll!
$24 for a tuna roll!

Before I show you the food, I will give you my thoughts on why the food prices are so high:

  1. Remote location
  2. Captive Audience – if each resort is on its own island, it take tremendous effort to leave so you are basically captive to their food; no competition
  3. No repeat business – for most people, I would guess that a trip here is a once in a lifetime thing or due to a special occasion like a honeymoon, the resort therefore, has little incentive to make you into a repeat customer so they need to extract as much $ as possible the one time someone goes
  4. Hard to find staff versed in a variety of cuisines

Here is what we had:

very mediocre sushi – the rice was not prepared correctly for sushi
“teppanyaki” beef

The sushi above was $38.50 and the beef was $80. In terms of food to price to quality, it was probably the most ridiculous dinner I ever experienced. We just could not help laughing after the meal. Coming up – Day 8

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