French Polynesia – Day 6 – Lockdown

Day 6 in French Polynesia was spent at the resort. Due to the increasing COVID cases around this time, the government imposed a lockdown and we basically had to stay at the resort. This was fine with me as there were ample things to do at the resort. It was too bad though that we had to cancel some of the restaurants we had booked on the main island. The resort food was, for the most part, extremely overpriced, and ranged from good to below average.. More on this later.

The day started off with breakfast and some incredible scenery.

After breakfast, we mainly biked around the resort and visited the Lagoonarium again.

The rest of the day was spent at the bungalow, enjoyed the waters of the lagoon. For dinner, we decided to try the Italian restaurant on the property. Note that there is a Japanese and Italian restaurant on property, but they are at the same place and just alternate (one day its Japanese, the next Italian, and so on).

We started with an amuse and some bread…

…and a taste of some local wine which was not very good. I remember trying some of the local wine when I was on the Big Island of Hawaii out of curiosity. I was not expecting much but it was beyond drinkable. This time, I expected the same thing as Bora Bora and Hawaii are similar in climate, and I was right (but if I had to choose, the one from Tahiti is better and at least, drinkable).

As we were still full, we only ordered pasta without a starter. We had the truffle conchiglioni (U$45) and orechiette (ragu sauce – U$38). Both were ok, but nothing spectacular, especially considering the prices. To finish, dessert – white chocolate dome and tiramisu.

After dinner we headed back to the bungalow and took this night shots of the property.

Tomorrow, day 7, the most ridiculous meal ever….

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