French Polynesia – Day 8 – An Extra Day in Paradise

Day 8 was supposed to be our last full day in Bora Bora before heading back to Tahiti for one night, with some time to explore the capital before boarding a flight home later that night. A couple of things happened that changed this:

  1. The islands went into lockdown
  2. I did not want to be lockdown in a hotel in Tahiti after staying at the St Regis Bora Bora

Luckily, our butler at the St Regis was able to coordinate with the concierge and organized a one night extension of our stay, and a change in flights. The flights were the most difficult because we did not want to get into the capital too early before our flight home, or too late and then not be able to make it in time for the COVID test to go home. More on this tomorrow.

For the most part, this day was spent enjoying the watersports at the resort and relaxing in the spa. It also rained fairly heavily today.

This was my first paddleboard experience.

…and a view of the relaxation room after spa treatments.

For dinner, we had run out of options as we had already tried everything on property, so we went back to the Italian Restaurant.

Coming up, our last full day in Bora Bora and how to navigate all the COVID requirements while travelling…

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