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Kiki – Do You Love Me?

Going to the website for Kiki on the River in Miami, you might be mistaken, as my friend was, that it is “just” a Mediterranean restaurant. He wanted a place to celebrate his birthday, I recommended Kiki, his reply “..but its just a Mediterranean restaurant”…..

If you only go by the website, you will miss out on a fun dining experience in Miami. Kiki, just like Baoli, is a hybrid club/restaurant venue. To me, the crowd and setting is better at Kiki; the food better at Baoli; but you don’t come to these places primarily for food, you go to party.

We went on a Sunday night and reserved a table for dinner (if you plan to go, you should verify the night you intend to go will be a “good” night). Here was the scene:

The food and service was not as good as Baoli. I had octopus and salmon. Decent, but nothing memorable.

Because it was so busy, service was a bit slow and not so attentive, but not bad. After dinner, you can head over to the club part of the venue.

As the name suggests, Kiki on the River is set on water. There are yachts parked next door to the venue, and there is a constant stream of beautiful people arriving at the front. Overall, if you are looking for a big night out with dinner and party, this was probably the best place we experienced.

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