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Baoli – Surprisingly Good

Baoli is a restaurant nightclub hybrid that is common in Miami. There are other venues like this in other cities (think Bagatelle). When making the reservation for 2, I was informed that there would be a minimum charge of dinner + $500 alcohol + 20% gratuity.

With these types of venues, the experience could of gone one of two ways. Either it would be a very overpriced night of bad (ie snobby) service with mediocre food, or an amazing time. Surprisingly, and luckily, it was the second one.

There was no line when we arrived for our reservation at 10:30PM on a Saturday. We were promptly seated and served. The party was just getting started.

I did not take pictures of the food, but it WAS good. The service was attentive. Overall this is not for everyone, but if you are looking for decent food, and a good time, I would recommend you check out Baoli.

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