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Komodo – So Miami Again

Komodo is an Asian restaurant located in Miami, but its more than that. As I mentioned in my review from two days ago, Miami restaurants have a number of things in common. Komodo, ticks all those boxes and then some. It has a club like feel to it and the party scene develops as the night progresses.

One of the things you will notice upon entry are the roasted ducks hanging in the window like you would see in Hong Kong.

Through the open kitchen you can observe one of the cooks lovingly basting one of the ducks.

We started with some sushi which I would skip if I returned.

I did enjoy the duck which is served Peking style with wraps.

My wife did not think it was that great, but I liked it. I don’t know if I would return. The scene was good as was the duck, but if you are looking for more of a party vibe, there are wilder places to go. If you are looking for Asian food, although we did not try many things on the menu, there are better places to go. I’d say go once, later in the night (10PM onward, but make sure you ask what nights are busy if that is what you are looking for; we went on a Wed and it was pretty busy), if you are looking for a party scene and have the duck.

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