CVI.CHE105 – Like a Long Lost….(insert your choice friend, relative, lover)

Eleven years ago, I went to Peru for a friend’s wedding. To this day, despite travelling extensively since, its still one of my favorite trips. The food and sights are next level. One dish in particular, that I had once, was Pescado A Lo Macho. It was at a random road side stop as our driver wanted to show us an oasis.

We had lunch at the stop and I remember it being total bliss because of the dish.

I searched for the few Peruvian restaurants in Vancouver, and none had it. Every time I went to a Peruvian restaurant, it was no where to be found. I tried to make it once, but at that time, there were few recipes on it on the Internet and some ingredients could not be sourced locally.

Fast forward to 2021, and I find myself in Miami. When asking people for Peruvian recommendations a constant name pops up – CVI.CHE105. So I go for lunch and to my surprise THEY HAVE PESCADO A LO MACHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But first, the things we had before. They start by bringing you some toasted corn:

..and of course we had to order a couple ceviches:

We had the yellow version and traditional. Both we substituted with a better fish (but I was so excited about the Pescado a lo Macho that I dont remember what kind).

The ceviche was good but the main event overshadowed everything:

Because the last time I had this dish was 11 years ago, I can’t compare, but this one was delicious as %$#@. The sauce has a lot of depth and umami. Its smooth, creamy and very satisfying. After this, I saw the dish a couple more times on menus in Miami and I will post the experience later. Regarding CVI.CHE105 – take a guess if I would return….

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