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Four Things To Enjoy in Saskatchewan

Due to COVID making international travel difficult, we decided to see as much of Canada as possible, including places that were not high on our list of places to see. One of these places, is the Province of Saskatchewan. Although my visit was short, it was worth the visit. Here are four things to enjoy in the province:

  1. Regina – Regina is the capital and second largest city. Although my research prior to visiting indicated that many people enjoy Saskatoon more, I hold the opposite view. I found Regina had more character.

The legislature and surrounding areas are worth a visit.

…and like many prairie cities, the city is set on a river, with parks along the banks, that are perfect for a nice walk.

2. The Prairies – From Regina, we drove to Saskatoon, the province’s largest city. This is where I experienced the Prairies – flat land and being able to see as far as the eye can see. It was beautiful and calming.

3. Saskatoon – The province’s largest city. Although I did not enjoy walking around the downtown as much as in Regina, similar to the capital, the city is set on a river, and walking along the banks was beautiful and enjoyable.

4. Food – Here are a couple things that appeared to be unique to the province:

Regina Style Pizza (review here)

Perogies (review here)

Soft Serve Ice Cream. This appears to be popular throughout the prairies though I was not able to speak to anyone to confirm this or learn about the history. We tried two places, one in each city we visited, though there are a few places in each city. In my opinion, Crunchy Dog in Saskatoon had the better ice cream.

in Saskatoon
I had the birthday cake on the left

Saskatoon Berry – make sure you try jam or pie made with Saskatoon berries.

Although probably not high on people’s list when visiting Canada, my visit to Saskatchewan was a positive experience and enjoyable. What are you favorite things to do in SK?

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