Saku – Incredibly Delicious Lunch

Saku is a restaurant with a couple of locations in Vancouver. They specialize in tonkatsu and its delicious!

This is the rosu katsu, deep fried breaded pork loin, full set. A full set comes with unlimited soup, rice and salad.

First the soup. One of the most satisfying broths I’ve had, full of umami from the miso, and pork, and sweetness from radish and carrots. It was so good I had three bowls.

The sesame is provided with a pestle to ground fresh. You can then dump it into the katsu sauce. There is also some kind of citrus rind and mustard wasabi that you can add to each bite. The katsu sauce is really good.

After each bite you can refresh your palate with cabbage salad or Japanese pickles. They provide two types of dressing for the salad – a ponzu and a sesame type. Both good. The pork itself was nicely breaded and fried. Extremely satisfying crunch.

On the side, we ordered cheese katsu. It was the perfect bite of melty warm fattiness from the cheese, and crunch.

I alternated dipping each bite of pork into the katsu sauce provided and curry. You cannot beat Japanese curry. So good too.

Overall, service was good and the food was outstanding. I will be back often!

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