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Houston Pizza – Yes! Regina Style Pizza is a Thing

Exploring Canada, I have discovered new ingredients and dishes. I would argue that Canada lacks regional cuisine, widespread popularity of different local ingredients across the country, and passion for such, with the exception of Quebec. Contrast this to the USA where there is Creole cooking, BBQ and various other regional cuisines, and long standing passionate debates about who has the best Philly Cheesesteak or NYC Bagel.

As such, I was excited to discover, while doing research on where to eat in Regina, Saskatchewan, something called “Regina Style Pizza”. Doing more research, it seemed like the place to go for this was the original – Houston Pizza. They have several locations across Regina, and throughout Saskatchewan (but interestingly, none in Saskatoon, the largest city in the province, which shows how regional the dish really is).

We decided to go to the one on Hill Street, which I believe was the first. The pizza to get is The Traditional – All Dressed, which the menu indicates is “Famous!”.

The pizza reminds me of something like a Deep Dish or Argentinian Style pizza.

The ingredients are piled high, but more balanced than Argentinian, in that it is not smothered in cheese, and to me was more delicious that deep dish.

Overall, the service was good, and the pizza lived up to expectations. It was very good. I wish that the dish was more well known across the country, and that there was a spot in Vancouver to get this slice of Prairie Goodness. I would recommend you try it for yourself if you ever find yourself in Regina!

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