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Ocean 7 – Good Food In Courtenay, BC? Yes!

Ocean 7 Restaurant is at the Kingfisher resort on Vancouver Island in Courtenay, B.C. Its about 30 minutes by Sea Plane from downtown Vancouver on Harbour Air.

The views from the dining room overlook the water and make for a nice setting. We started with a Caesar salad:

Then had Black Peal oysters from B.C.’s Quadra Island. They were the most delicious oysters I have ever had. The sweetness was unlike anything I had tried before. It doesn’t get more local than this. Travelling within Canada and BC, during COVID, has led me to discover a lot of local ingredients which I believe to be on par with some of the more well known in the world. Canada needs to promote and celebrate its bounty more on the world stage.

We also had half a dungeness crab. The sauces were delicious, but the crab, while also good, was a bit small.

For my main I had the halibut and my wife had the scallops. When we asked our server where the scallops came from, she pointed in the direction of the water and said “just over there”. Incredible. I decided on the halibut because I say signs that said “fresh local caught halibut” on my way in from the airport, and figured this would be the freshest choice. The food was very good, and well seasoned. The plating could use some refinement, but the kitchen was definitely trying in this area. The portion size was big for me.

Desserts were delicious including in house made ice cream. The flavor was delicious but the texture was a bit too dense.

Overall, service was good. I was surprised to get this quality of a meal in a small town on Vancouver Island. The cooking was good, the taste was good, and the use of very local ingredients should be applauded. I would say that this is THE place to eat in the area. I would return if I was staying at the resort again.

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