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Fanny Bay Inn – So That’s Fanny Bay

I have had Fanny Bay oysters numerous times so on a recent trip to Vancouver Island, I was excited to learn that Fanny Bay was actually about 30 minutes from the resort we were staying at. Oysters are like wine, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about consuming them at their place of origin, and becoming familiar with the terroir.

I believe the farm has a store where you can buy oysters, but due to COVID, it was pick up only. I did some research and found a restaurant in the area called Fanny Bay Inn, that served Fanny Bay Oysters, so that’s where I went for lunch.

The oysters were not as good as the ones I had from Quadra Island the night before, but then again, I mentioned those were probably the best oysters I had ever had.

We also tried their mussels and fish and chips (halibut). The mussels were ok. I think the broth could of been developed more. The fish and chips were delicious and the fries were very crispy.

Overall, service was ok, and the food was decent. I would say this is a good place for lunch if you are in the area.

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